Employee Programs

Continuous Commitment

A quality product is always a Gem in the Crown of an Industry. We achieve this by our committed work team through pleasant work atmosphere. Hence our foremost focus rests in the well-being of our work team and their families.


To cheer our Employees to give their best, we honor them with Credentials & Awards such as,

  • Awards for Achievement
  • Employee of the year award

Social Deeds

Practicing social ethics


As a social gesture, we employ differently-abled persons and tend to capitalize their strengths and capabilities. This will enable them to lead an independent life. We do offer academic assistance to our employee's children.

TOP LIGHT aims to improve interactivity and teamwork amongst the work team by organizing:

  • Sports Events
  • Casual Excursions
  • Festival Celebrations

A Cricket Team comprising our employees has been formed, which participates in various tournaments in and around Tirupur.


Environmental Focus

Ecology protected


We strive our Society towards "Go Green" policy by adapting:

  • Using Recyclable Poly bags
  • Utilizing Reusable Yarns
  • Exploiting Solar & Wind energy
  • Pursuing Power-saving measures
  • Awareness against Pollution

Also, we are about to launch a solar plant with an intention to generate energy through Natural resource.

Adopting our surrounding as an expensive asset, we try to protect our environment by all possible means.