Group Concerns

All under one roof


Top Light Group is a multi-faceted business cluster covering many business dimensions. The desire towards customer satisfaction is the core idea, regardless of the business domain.


We strive to proactively strengthen our human resource and to expand our business size in all fields. Our other firms:

  • TOP LIGHT Chit Funds Pvt Limited
    This firm was started with a vision to provide financial solutions to entrepreneurs and investors in Tirupur. We offer several groups with chit values ranging from three hundred thousand to ten million”
  • TOP LIGHT Windmill Division
    With a capacity of 1.6 MW per hour, we generate wind energy for our consumption.
  • STARTIME Compacting
    Our compacting facility gives a fine finishing for knitted & woven fabrics by different processes like Compacting, Heat setting, Raising, Relax drying & Washing.
  • TOP LIGHT Farms
    To grow all necessary produce, our farm is spread over an area of 1 Acre on the Tirupur-Palladam road. Besides our needs, we carry out commercial farming to a small extent.